Our Core Technology

Our engineering capability
defines us and the world
class products we create

Continuously expanding and advancing our capabilities, we embrace
changes, allowing us to position our business at the forefront of Research
and Development to achieve technological firsts within the industry.

Our own Elta Axial Impeller
Technology is the heartbeat of
many of our products

By uniting form and function in fan engineering, our impeller has been rigorously tested and is constantly improved, leading to advancements in all areas of air movement over the years.

What Goes into Creating a Fan


Our rolling machines are designed with a four roller system to reduce common ‘flat spots’ on circular rolled casings, which means consistent accuracy on casing diameters, coupled with a casing ejection system to handle even the largest and heaviest casings with ease.


Elta’s processes and procedures in welding are designed around a cardinal discipline to provide consistently straight welds on axial fan casings. Through automated welding procedures, equipment is designed to ensure casing joints achieve the required weld penetration, whilst eliminating potential flange splitting in subsequent manufacturing processes. All casings can be welded for specific requirements with a variety of casing thicknesses and diameter.


An integral aspect of the assembly process is to ensure correct balancing of impellers utilising high precision balancing machines. These machines are all balanced to JSO 14694, down to a balance level of G2.5 where appropriate, in either single or multi plane tolerances depending on design requirements. Testing is an important measure following assembly of products; our testing facilities and capabilities ensure that every product is tested to installation requirements prior to despatch.

Sound and Performance Testing

At Elta we take quality standards very seriously and test all of our products prior to despatch to ensure that meet these standards. To give our customers’ confidence in our products and services, we comply thoroughly with procedures to ensure design and implementation that meets the highest standards of quality within our industry.


We pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer service; our main ambition is to take care of you and your products each and every day. A big part of this service is providing an efficient despatch process that ensures your products arrive on time, in perfect condition on a date that suits you.

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Our Axial Impeller

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Our Axial Impeller

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Our Accreditations
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