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Our CPD seminars are ideal for those looking to improve their knowledge on ventilation, regulations, and other related subjects.

CPD Seminars

Designing for Good Indoor Air Quality

Good indoor air quality is vital for the health and wellbeing of the building’s occupants, but designing a ventilation system to ensure this can seem complicated. To help, Elta have developed a CPD training course which provides practical advice and a step by step guide to selecting the correct filters, enabling building owners and developers to meet the needs of their building’s occupants without compromising usability.

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The benefits of Coolth Recovery

Most of those involved in the ventilation industry will be familiar with heat recovery and its benefits, but in fact the potential savings from coolth recovery, particularly with our recent warmer summers, may be surprising. This Elta CPD course sets out to explain how coolth recovering works, and demonstrate how much costs can be reduced by its usage.

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Intelligent Ventilation

With the growing demand for products that allow indoor work environments to be comfortable, healthy and productive, plus increased energy costs and strict regulations, there is a need for ventilation systems that fully utilise energy-efficient technologies. Elta have developed a CPD seminar on Intelligent Ventilation, aiming to educate professionals on the different options available, the benefits and best practice.

Car Park Ventilation

Ventilation of covered car parks is essential for removing harmful vehicle exhaust fumes and providing assistance to firefighters by clearing smoke in the event of a fire. The most significant development to the car park industry has been the introduction of proven tunnel ventilation fan principles in the form of impulse fans. Our presentation is based on providing an understanding of these principles.

Smoke Ventilation

Why do we need Smoke fans or indeed Smoke Control within today’s buildings? The answer is simple – without it, the safety of occupants could not be guaranteed. The behaviour of fire and smoke is not predictable and so the fan products used need to be fully fit for purpose. It is this latter aspect which will be dealt with in greater detail within this presentation.

ErP Legislation

The Energy Related Products Directive affects all products that are related to energy use. This introduction of mandatory energy efficiency legislation is the biggest issue the fan industry has ever faced. The enormous explosion in global population density and resultant worldwide shortage in energy requires reductions in energy consumption throughout the entire life cycle of a fan. Our presentation is based on the affects the ErP Directive has had on fans.

Interested in Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?
We’ve designed our courses to provide specialist technical guidance and practical advice, helping professionals to keep up to date with industry developments and broaden their knowledge. Our training can be held at our offices or at your premises, and content can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Contact us to discuss how we can help.


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