Designing for Good Indoor Air Quality CPD Course

Good indoor air quality is vital for the health and wellbeing of the building’s occupants, but designing a ventilation system to ensure this can seem complicated. To help, Elta have developed a CPD training course which provides practical advice and a step by step guide to selecting the correct filters, enabling building owners and developers to meet the needs of their building’s occupants without compromising usability.

Demystifying the Standards and Making Designing for Indoor Air Quality Simple.

In recent years, increasing prominence has been placed on the negative health effects of poor indoor air quality and the wider issues of air pollution. With this increasing knowledge, indoor air quality is an important consideration when designing ventilation systems. However, understanding how to manage indoor air quality can be confusing, especially with the introduction of the new filtration standard, BS EN ISO 16890-1:2016.

Ambient air pollution plays a significant role in the quality of indoor air, particularly in those areas with heavy traffic. This is not just an issue outdoors though. Ventilation provides continuous air from outside and the pollution can then become trapped within the building. Although steps are being taken to reduce outdoor air pollution levels, this is a major issue, having real impact upon peoples’ lives. However, by selecting the correct air filters, ventilation systems can significantly reduce the impact of particulate matter exposure.

To support those involved in the design and maintenance of ventilation systems, Elta has created a CPD course on designing for good indoor air quality. This CPD activity can contribute towards your CIBSE CPD requirement.

The course covers why particulate matter is relevant, how to classify outdoor air and supply air, and how to select the correct filter type for each application. It aims to demystify the standards and make designing for indoor air quality simple. By choosing the right Air Handling Unit, it is possible to improve indoor air quality and the health of the building’s occupants without increasing running costs.

This CPD activity can contribute towards your CIBSE CPD requirement.

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