Special build Belt Driven
Fans for when motors need
to be outside the airstream

At Elta, we take pride in setting the standard for superior air movement solutions, and our belt driven fans stand as a shining example of our dedication to engineering.

Discover the excellence of our Belt Driven Fans

Our belt driven fans are meticulously engineered to the highest specifications, ensuring precision in performance and longevity when it’s essential to keep the motor out of the airstream.

Whether for industrial applications or commercial spaces, our belt driven fans offer versatility to meet various air circulation requirements. Built with durability in mind, our fans are constructed to withstand demanding environments, providing reliable and consistent performance over time.

Diameters from
315mm to 2000mm

10 Hub Sizes

Single or Two
Speed Motors

Single or Dual
Belt Drive Options

Single and Three Phase
50Hz or 60Hz Supply

Volume Flow Rates from
0.20m3/s to 100.00m3/s

Alternative Blade and Casing
Material Finish Options

Elta are able to offer cost effective Belt Driven Fans for when it is essential that the motor be outside the airstream. Products can be designed for safe or hazardous area (IEC or NEMA) applications.

Fan casings are constructed to meet the most arduous conditions and, as standard, are manufactured from mild steel and then hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009.

Single or Dual
Belt Drive Options

Elta are able to off multiple groove belt drive pulleys with belt tensioning mechanism.

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