Innovative Air Handling
& Heat Recovery Units.

We have extensive experience of designing and building air handling units. From low void ceiling units, and heat pump heat recovery, to two-deck fully bespoke air handling units, we are confident that our experts can meet your heat recovery and air handling needs.

Second to none AHU Capability

When planning the design of an Air Handling Unit, it’s crucial to assess the specific needs of the building, including factors like the size of the space, occupancy levels and desired comfort conditions. This is in addition to any specific considerations such as cleanroom requirements, or industry standards. With our dedicated AHU production facility, coupled with in-house engineering and design expertise, supported by AHU selection specialists,  we can ensure the delivery of tailored solutions that perfectly align with your requirements.


With ranges encompassing the latest technology in component parts, including plug fans with variable speed drives, fans with EC motor control drives, high efficiency thermal wheels, plate to plate heat recovery, plug and play controls options – our Air Design has an AHU solution to meet your requirements.

Variation options include Double Decked, Side by Side, Plate Heat Exchanger, Electric Heater, LPHW coil & much more.

Key Projects

Aston Martin F1 Facility


Health and Medical Research Institute


Global Switch Data Centre



All of our bespoke AHUs are built in the UK at our West Midlands manufacturing facility, meaning short lead times and the capability to build to your exact requirements.

Our Manufacturing Capability

Our Products

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Heat Recovery Units

Heat recovery ventilation units designed and built for non-residential applications, combining the need for air renewal with maximum energy savings. See below for more information on our stocked range of customisable, low void energy recovery units.

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Air Handling Units

Our Air Design range of AHUs encompasses the latest technology in component parts. These unique products are tailored to the customer’s exact performance, efficiency and noise criteria, always taking into consideration compliance to the latest regulations and any site restrictions.

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Euroclima Air Handling Units

We are the exclusive UK distributor of Euroclima. Euroclima develop and produce high quality air handling units for all applications, from simple convenient applications to solutions in hygiene and air processing plants.

The Prema HRC Heat Recovery Unit.

The HRC is suitable for air flows ranging from 250 to 3,500 m³/h and features an impressive efficiency rate exceeding 80%.

Available in seven standard sizes, this ventilation unit is purpose-built for non-residential applications, seamlessly integrating air renewal with energy efficiency while offering exceptional flexibility and ease of installation. This is made possible through the inclusion of 90° adjustable air intakes achieved by repositioning the closing panels.

This unit is equipped with an aluminium plate heat recovery system, fans featuring EC motors, and an integrated motorised by-pass system, allowing for free-cooling operation.


Our in house experts can select and design the perfect solution for your project.


Engineered in-house, our controls are designed to be pre-programmed or fully configured to your requirements.


Short lead times and pre-assembled, loose section, or flat-packed delivery options.

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