Making a Claim

We provide warranties on our products because we trust that, if looked after properly, our products will last a long time.

If you would like to make a warranty claim please read the below conditions to determine if your warranty claim will be valid. If you believe that it will be then you can complete the claim form underneath. Once received, a member of the Elta team will be in touch to make the necessary arrangements.

For more information on warranty claims and your options, please download the Warranty Booklet from the bottom of this page.

Elta will honour the warranty on their unit if the following conditions apply:

If the unit was supplied to you from a third party using their own transport method it must have arrived without transit damage. If we provided the transport then any transit damage would be covered under the warranty.

The unit was installed and commissioned properly by a suitably competent and qualified person in accordance with all relevant regulatory requirements and accepted good practice and that evidence can be provided on request to confirm the same.

The unit has not been misused or subjected to abuse in any way.

The unit has been regularly and properly maintained and that evidence will be provided on request to confirm the same.

Your warranty claim options

Option 1

Return fan to Elta for test & report. If, after inspection, we agree that the unit is covered under warranty, we will either repair the unit or provide a new unit to a UK mainland address at no cost. If we declare that the unit is not covered under warranty, we will advise why and provide a price for repairing or replacing the unit.

If a replacement has already been purchased, we will issue a credit if the unit is found to be covered under warranty. If not, no credit will be issued and the invoice for the replacement will be payable.
The goods will then be available for customer to collect for 14 days after the report is issued. If we do not hear from the customer after 14 days then the goods will be scrapped.

Option 2

Site visit to inspect the unit in-situ. A price will be advised before the site visit goes ahead. We will invoice for this visit and this invoice will be payable if the fault is found to be not covered by our warranty. If, after the site inspection, we agree that the unit is covered under warranty, all costs will be covered by Elta.

Our engineer will attempt to repair the unit on site if possible, but if not, we will arrange for a replacement part or new unit to be sent to the site, free of charge.
We can provide an additional price for an engineer to go back to the site and install the replacement part/unit should you wish.

Please note: We will not cover any further costs for installation in line with our terms and conditions
of sale. If, after the site inspection, we declare that the unit is not covered under warranty, the full value for the site inspection will stand and we will:

1. Provide you with a price for a replacement part or new unit to be sent to a UK address.
2. Provide you with a price to remove the component or unit not covered under warranty and supply and
install a replacement component or unit.

To proceed with your warranty claims, please complete the following form.

For Homevent product, please click here.

In signing and submitting the form and commencing this warranty procedure, you are declaring that all the aforementioned conditions apply, that you will be able to provide evidence to support your declaration if we ask you to and if it subsequently turns out that your declaration was not correct, that you agree or have the authority to agree on your employers behalf, to pay us reasonable costs that we incur in dealing with your warranty claim. These costs may include replacement components or unit costs and any labour and administration costs we incur. You should be aware that these costs could be substantial.

The descriptions above describe 2 different options open to you on how we can progress your warranty claim. Please read and consider these carefully before selecting the option you wish to proceed on when you complete the enquiry form. By submitting the form you confirm your agreement to pay, or have the authority to agree on your employers behalf to pay, any charges that are due to us. Please note that Options 1 and 2 are in line with the warranty that Elta provide.

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