We Know Smoke Fans.

Elta provides a leading range of smoke ventilation fans, bringing together the very best in engineering quality to ensure that all of our products are right first time, on time, every time.


Emergency Extract

Our smoke range is faithful to the spirit of our core axial fan range that has been used across thousands of applications worldwide. Quality is assured as we test every smoke fan.

With a range of sizes designed to be installed across residential and commercial applications, our emergency extract axial fans are designed in accordance with EN12101-3 standards and can be supplied to meet additional region or project specifications as required.

We offer F200, F300 & F400 models with a range of motor mounting arrangements as well as both 50hz & 60hz available.

Available in 315mm2000mm diameters

F200, F300, & F400 models with 50hz & 60hz options available

Designed to EN12101-3 standards

Impulse & Induction

Our car park fans operate on well-proven tunnel ventilation principles, producing a high velocity jet that, as it diffuses, imparts thrust to the surrounding air through mixing and entrainment.

Our range includes induction and impulse ventilation models specifically developed to operate as both general ventilation and for once-only, emergency extract mode at temperatures of up to 400°C.

The product design eliminates the requirement for ducted systems, making efficient use of the limited space of enclosed car parks, in addition to reducing power consumption and the associated running costs.

Induction and Impulse ventilation models available

Once-only emergency extraction mode for temperatures of up to 400oC

Space efficient while reducing running costs

Experts Since 1974

Elta has been designing and manufacturing market-leading ventilation products for over four decades. Our smoke range offers the very best in engineering quality alongside the timeless principles that have made our ventilation products a globally renowned success.

World Class Processes

Our manufacturing processes are meticulous with every aspect considered with the customer at the heart of what we do. Building strong relationships with our supply chain has meant that we have access to dedicated stock of components such as motors, significantly reducing lead times.

Meticulously Tested

The fundamentals of the Elta product range are quality, performance and integrity. Our quality procedures comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 and our smoke fan range is certified to EN 12101-3, while our own dedicated test laboratories facilities are AMCA approved with our products sound tested to ISO 5801:2007, BS EN ISO 5136:2009 and BS ISO 13347-2:2004.

Our impeller is the heartbeat of our products

Our high efficiency adjustable pitch, aerofoil impellers deliver outstanding efficiency capabilities. With an almost infinite number of performance variations with increased stress capabilities, our impeller technology is unrivalled and is what makes our products so great.

More than just supplying fans

Project coordination has become integral for our business. Our dedicated team can work with your product managers to ensure that delivery of our equipment is right, on time, and most importantly, this is done the first time.

Our coordination team play a vital role, whether you’re relying on prompt delivery to tie in with cranes or you need FORS delivery; we have the solution for you.

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