Engineered products built
to withstand high temperatures 
and levels of moisture

We supply the agriculture and food processing industry with a range of axial flow and mixed flow fan configurations. Our products are engineered to meet market demands for production, storage, drying and transportation.

Agricultural Applications

Vegetable Drying and Storage

We supply the vegetable drying and storage industry with a range of axial and mixed flow fan configurations. Our products are engineered to meet market demands throughout the food chain from production, storage, drying and transportation through to the retail environment.

Vegetable and Fruit Ripening

Our high efficiency plate fans are used for fruit ripening systems where control of the ripening process is essential to maximise the storage time and availability of the product. To prevent disease, decay and injury to the fruit, it is necessary to ventilate and maintain the correct storage conditions.

Crop and Grain Drying and Storage

Close environmental conditions have to be maintained in order to allow the controlled storage and ripening of crops, which also prevents damage from excessive changes in temperature and humidity.

Tea and Coffee Drying and Storage

Our fans are used to dry tea and coffee in mechanical flat-bed continuous belt flow driers and fixed bed driers. Units supplied for these applications are designed for operation in high humidity at low speeds.

Container and Livestock Transport

Refrigerated containers are part of the international movement of perishable goods over long distances that are transported by road, rail and sea.


The processes undertaken within an abattoir emit airborne microorganisms, moisture and dust. These contaminants are unwanted in the processing areas because they can affect product quality and safety. They also pose a potential threat to the health and wellbeing of the workers in the abattoir.

Other Industrial and OEM Applications



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