Auto Changeover Panels

  • A range of auto changeover controllers for use with AC, EC single or three phase twin fans
  • Run & Standby
  • Automatic Changeover in the event of fan fail
  • Duty Share Option
  • Remote Enable Option
  • VFC Fail Contact Option


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A range of Auto Changeover Panels to provide Run & Standby operation of Twin Fans and automatic changeover of fans in the event of fan failure.

Features and Benefits

Twin Fan Control

Run and Standby operation ensures ventilation in the event of one fan failing by automatically running the second fan.

Duty Share (option on three phase)

Duty share provides even wear on both fans and extending fan life by sharing fan operating time between the two fans.

Remote Enable (option on three phase)

Remote enable contact allows the ventilation to be switched off from a remote source ensuring energy is not wasted at periods where no ventilation is required.

Speed Control

Suitable for use with remote speed controllers to adjust fan speeds to ventilation demand saving energy and maintaining thermal comfort.

Motor Protection

With built-in motor protection the ACO Panel provides safe disconnection from the power supply in the event of a fan fail while allowing operation of the second fan to maintain ventilation.


AC/EC Single Phase Specification

The ACO18B Auto Changeover Panel as supplied by Elta shall provide Run and Standby operation of AC or EC single Phase twin fans.

Remote activation shall be via a set of volt free contacts.

Duty Share between fan 1 and fan to shall be selected via a jumper terminal with set time adjustment intervals from 3 hours to 24 hours in 3-hour steps.

Individual volt free contacts for each fan shall be available that switch on with the activation of the corresponding fan; This can be used for enabling extra-low or low voltage up to 230 volts with a maximum current of 8 amps.

Fan fail detection shall be via Tacho output, relay or airflow detection.
BMS output remote fault shall be indicated by an individual set of contacts capable of a maximum controlling load up to 230 volts at 8 Amps.

Manual speed control shall be available from the speed potentiometer on the board or the option of a secondary control. Whichever of these has the highest setting takes priority.
A time delay shall exist on fault detection at fan startup or fan changeover over to prevent nuisance fail signals.

AC Three Phase Specification

The ACO3 ranges of Auto Changeover Panels as supplied by Elta Fans shall provide Run and Standby operation of AC Three Phase twin fans.

The changeover panels shall incorporate industrial contactors fitted with thermal overloads pre-set to requirements. The control panel fascia shall have a power lamp, fan fail lamp and a rocker switch. Speed controllers of AC Electronic or Transfer type shall be suitable for remote connection.
The control panel shall automatically changeover from the duty fan to the standby fan if the thermal overload trips or on loss of airflow detected by airflow switches (if airflow switches are fitted to the twin fan unit).

ACO3/B model shall be fitted with a 2-position (Fan A/Fan B) rocker switch enabling the user to manually select the duty fan. The control panel will auto changeover from the duty fan to the standby fan in the event of fan fail.

ACO3/BDV models shall incorporate an electronic timer to provide a 12-hour cycle time for each fan. The timer shall have a jumper link to allow testing of the auto changeover on a 1-minute test cycle for each fan. A Common Volt Free Contact shall be provided for remote fan fail indication

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