The protection of personnel, safety and continued operation is of the utmost importance in this sector.

The provision of fans for integration into well-designed and easily maintained ventilation systems is critical to a safe work environment, particularly the prevention of explosions.

Aerospace and Defence Applications

Military Hospitals

Field hospitals need durable and reliable mobile heating and cooling units that are built to comply with AQAP requirements. These must be versatile and be easy to transport, deploy and maintain.

Safe Rooms and Shelters

The equipment within safe rooms, isolation rooms and bomb shelters must protect occupants from explosive blasts, fires, nuclear and thermal radiation, contamination by chemical or biological agents, as well as airborne toxins including the build-up of CO and CO2.

Naval Ships and Submarines

Naval ships often have extreme demands with each system customised according to the type of vessel and the space available. The fans we provide for installation on board vessels are shock rated to work under emergency operations and can be designed for hazardous areas or smoke control as required.


Munitions are held in storage under different structures depending on their use. To prevent degradation or destabilisation of the munitions, temperature and humidity need to be controlled by an adequate mechanical ventilation system that meets the requirements of the ATEX directive.

Helicopter and Aircraft Hangars and Decks

Helicopter decks are hazardous zones that are subject to environmental changes due to exhaust emissions from helicopter engines. As such, landing decks in confined areas require the removal or dilution of exhaust gases and vapours.

Military Buildings

Military buildings can range from historical, listed buildings to new-build  structures. Barracks will require domestic ventilation systems whilst larger buildings, with varying levels of occupancy, will require a dedicated AHU system to provide adequate ventilation whilst remaining energy efficient to keep costs down.

Nuclear Facilities

Nuclear power plants require a wide array of fans for their daily use, including units for motor and turbine cooling, material processing and refining, battery room ventilation, HVAC systems and emergency systems.

Other Industrial and OEM Applications



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