Ventilation for hotels and the
sports and leisure industry

Our fans for hotels, sports and leisure facilities effectively remove accumulations of carbon dioxide and the collective heat gain of bodies, lighting and equipment, as well as moisture generated from showering and sweating.

Hotels, Sports and Leisure Applications


Gyms require ventilation that is highly adaptable to be able to cope with high levels of occupancy.

Leisure Centres

There is a great variety of activities that take place in any sports centre; often with a range of sports taking place in the same room requiring a ventilation system that can cope with fluctuating air changes.

Swimming Pools

Approximately 70% of leisure centre energy costs can be directly attributed to the swimming pool hall and adjoining changing areas; having a big impact on your overall energy costs.


Occupancy levels in a cinema change greatly every couple of hours, requiring an energy efficient DCV unit.

Bowling Alleys

When planning and maintaining a bowling alley, consideration needs to be given for the large open space and changing ventilation/heating demand throughout high and low occupancy periods.

Ice Skating Rinks

Planning the ventilation system for an ice skating rink is complicated due to the different needs of the actual ice rink and the spectator area. Speak to one of our experts to get advice on the best solution for your needs.

Go Karting Tracks

Karting tracks are notoriously difficult to ventilate as a large number of fans are needed to keep the carbon monoxide (CO) created by the karts at an acceptable level.


Spas generally have various rooms with different air conditioning and heating/cooling needs requiring a system with a range of capabilities.

Hotels and Motels

Occupant comfort is one of the most important considerations for hotels & motels to ensure customer satisfaction.

Indoor Play Areas

It’s important that environment in indoor play areas is healthy and at the appropriate temperature for babies and children of all ages.

Stadiums and Arenas

The open spaces in stadiums and arenas makes them difficult to ventilate/heat. This is something our team of experts can help with.

Theme Parks

It’s important that the HVAC systems within theme parks are energy efficient and cost effective due to the high demand on them at peak times.


Darkroom applications naturally preclude light, therefore mechanical ventilation is essential in order to remove the heat generated from equipment, in particular, dryers, print glazers and other heat generating equipment.

Conference and Exhibition Centres

Conference and exhibition centres are generally characterised by large but variable occupancy levels, relatively high floor to ceiling heights, sedentary occupation, and stringent acoustic requirements.

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