Bespoke units based on requirements for ventilation, cooling or combustion processes.

Whether they supply applications such as roadside lighting systems, water pumping stations, cold stores or emergency back-up systems; all generators, pumps and compressors require a reliable supply of air.

Power Generation Applications

Generator Cooling

Direct drive, set-mounted fans are designed with a degree of spare pressure drop capability to overcome the resistance caused by the inlet and outlet discharge air attenuators in enclosed generators. Due to the space and load on the generator set, we carefully consider the most appropriate fan diameter and motor size for the application.

Pumping Stations

Elta’s products for waste water applications are robustly designed to withstand corrosive and humid environments and include deodorisation fans, mud drying fans and smaller pulsators. Our fan motors are selected to meet exacting mechanical and electrical specifications, local conditions and operators’ needs.

Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear power plants require a wide array of fans for their daily use, including units for motor and turbine cooling, material processing and refining, battery room ventilation, HVAC systems and emergency systems. Our fans are pressure tested to reduce the risk of leakage into the atmosphere.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

CHP systems simultaneously produce both heat and electrical energy. The heat is captured for use in industrial processes, preventing waste and delivering a higher efficiency, lower carbon, solution. CHP systems can be employed over a range of sizes, applications, fuels and technologies.

Emergency Back Up Systems

Fully operational standby equipment is required for critical processes where downtime is not an acceptable alternative, for example in hospitals, where a loss of power can pose severe risk to people’s lives. Elta’s products provide ventilation to enclosed generators and engines and are built with the highest design and manufacturing integrity to ensure reliable operation in such critical situations.

Heat Transfer

The CACA/TEAAC cooler (Cool Air to Cool Air, or, Totally Enclosed Air to Air Cooler) works as a heat exchanger to remove heat from a generator while it is in operation. Our fans are fitted inside the main drive shaft to circulate air around the internal surfaces of the generator and through a heat exchanger, where the heat is then transferred via secondary air supplied by the CACA cooler fans.

Other Industrial and OEM Applications



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