DCV EC Control

  • For use with EC fans
  • Remote enable (BMS)
  • Fan run status (fan fail)
  • PID control
  • Suitable for use with 0-10V analogue output sensors
  • Trickle and boost function
  • Twin fan operation (c/w duty share change over)
  • Remote LCD Display and User Interface supplied
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The 149-DCV-MK3 is a Demand Ventilation Control panel to maintain desired ventilation based on the response of an external sensor or Building Management System, allowing feedback of operating status and manual control from a remote LCD Display Panel.

Features and Benefits

LCD Display

the unit is supplied with a LCD Display for remote mounting, give localised access to program the controller and view status and settings.

Demand Speed Control

By connecting a temperature, humidity, CO2, or pressure sensor with a 0-10V analogue output, or similar from a building management system, the ventilation and speed of the fan can be adjusted to demand.

Energy Saving

Controlling the level of ventilation depending on requirement can result in significant Energy savings through the reduction in motor power required at lower operating speeds.

Control Flexibility

The supplied remote LCD display unit allows complete manual control or fully automatic control from sensors or building management systems giving full flexibility to users.

Trickle & Boost

Trickle & Boost option provides a boost override function for situations such as purge ventilation.


It is possible to operate the on/off function by the weekly timer. This allows up to four on and four off settings per day.

Fan Modes

Three fan modes are available, Single Fan, Twin Fan and Master & Slave allowing control of a single fan, Run & Standby and duty share operation of a twin fan, and a secondary slave fan based on settings of the master fan.

Remote Enable & Fan Status

Connections are offered to allow remote enable ensuring fan only operates when required and a Fan Status output to confirm no fault exists.


The DCV Control as supplied by Elta Limited shall include the following control functions as standard:-
Remote Enable, Fan Status, Trickle & Boost, Night Setback, Timeclock, and Heater

Fan speed shall be via a remote temperature, humidity, CO2 or pressure sensor providing an analogue 0-10V signal to the control or via a 0-10V signal from a building management system.

Fan Modes shall be available to allow use of a single fan, twin fan or Master & Slave Fans selected via the remote LCD Display.
A remote LCD display unit shall be provided to access control functions allowing control set up, display of present operating conditions and speed. The LCD Display shall also allow manual control. A service menu shall be available for fault diagnostics, parameter summary, and debugging.

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