Jetvent JVC

Centrifugal Induction Fan

  • 2 standard sizes, 50N and 100N
  • Removes car park pollutants including smoke without the use of ducting
  • Suitable for operating temperatures up +300°C for 2 hours
  • EN12101 certified with BSI Kite mark
  • 2 speed option available
  • Low profile design


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The Jetvent centrifugal induction range comprises 50N or 100N thrust types that conform to European Standard EN12101-3. The range is suitable for ambient temperature operation as well as once only, 2 hour high temperature smoke conditions up to 300°C. The two speed motor is suitable for frequency inverter speed control on high speed.

Features and Benefits

Cost Effective

Jetvent provides the scope for reduced installation and overall construction build costs compared with traditional ducted systems. The high efficiency impellers make this a very economical method of moving high volumes of air.

Rigerous Testing

Jetvent is independently tested to meet the exacting standards of EN 12101-3 for operating at 300°C for 2 hours. Performance is tested to ISO13350 – Performance testing of jet fans.

Air Quality

Jetvent induction fans provide an improvement in air quality achieved by mixing the air more effectively, which means the potential risk of contaminant accumulation (beyond specific requirements) is overcome.

Ingress Protection

A minimum protection to IP55 on electrics improves reliability and ease of cleaning by means of pressure washing components. The unit is supplied as standard with a fitted lockable fire rated isolator.

Robust Design

The mild steel fan casing provides a robust construction, which is very resistant to potential corrosion. The integral guard is designed to protect against the rotating impeller parts. The guard is bright zinc plated.

Slim Profile

The slim profile design of JetVent allows designers to overcome problems caused by obstructive structural beams and low overall ceiling heights, without compromising performance characteristics.

Better Security

The elimination or reduction in ductwork means a safer, lighter environment with better security due to the increased visibility.

Low Maintenance

With no ductwork, maintenance costs are reduced as there is no ducting to become blocked, damaged or subject to leakage.



Casing shall be pre galvanised mild steel sheet to provide a long lasting and robust construction. The integral guard is designed to protect against the rotating impeller parts. The guard is bright zinc plated.


Motors are totally enclosed metric type to IP55, with sealed for life bearings. Standard industrial paint finish and Class H insulation to EN 60034-5, suitable for use at normal continuous duty and a once only use under smoke operation at 200°C, 300°C or 400°C for 2 hours dependent on model. Flying leads are brought out via a temperature resistant conduit system, to an external Switch Disconnector for customer cabling interface.


Backward curved centrifugal impellers are provided made from painted mild steel with welded blades. Assembled impellers are dynamically balanced to ISO 14694.

Quality Management

Units are certified to EN12101-3 and LPCB third party certified. Units are designed and manufactured with procedures as defined in BS EN ISO 9001. Units are tested to ISO13350 (airside performance) and ISO13347-2 (sound performance).

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