Air Design Air Handling Units

Truly bespoke Air Handling and Energy Recovery Units.

Our in-house technical engineers use specialist software to configure products that can be supplied pre-assembled, in loose sections, or flat-packed. Our unique Air Design range is meticulously crafted to align with the exact performance, efficiency, and noise criteria of our customers, while adhering to the latest regulations and accommodating any site restrictions.


We pride ourselves on our dedication to projects. From designing, manufacturing and delivering, to follow up support. Our in-house engineers design your AHU from specification to meet your project requirements.


With our 9,000m2 factory & warehousing space in Kingswinford, West Midlands, our AHUs are built in one place, with short lead times and supported by a great UK supply chain.


We collaborate with you to ensure timely delivery to the site when you need it. We understand the logistic struggles involved in large projects and are here to help prevent any issues where we can.


Once a product is installed, we understand you may need further support, and we have an after-sales team who are here for just that.


Our Extruded Aluminium Pentapost Framed Air Handling Units, with a wide range of air performances, are suitable for plant rooms or roof mounted applications.

Unique features of our AHUs

An Engineered Solution

From unit location to specification compliance, leakage testing to thermal insulation, our units are designed & constructed based on all key considerations of a project.


Applying appropriately selected, efficient air filters in ventilation systems can significantly reduce the impact of particulate matter exposure. When determining filtration efficiency for the desired indoor air quality, it’s crucial to consider both outdoor air quality and indoor air emissions. Our units are available with filtration options ranging from coarse particulate filtration to fine, offering versatile solutions tailored to your needs.

Heat Exchangers & Coils

Heat recovery is a process of capturing and reusing heat that would otherwise be lost. This improves energy efficiency, reduces energy consumption and operating costs. We can provide numerous methods of Heat recovery from Rotary and Counter flow to run around coils.


Heat recovery is the process of capturing and reusing heat that would otherwise be lost, enhancing energy efficiency and minimising operating costs. We can provide numerous methods of Heat recovery, from Rotary and Counter flow, to run around coils.


Our fan sets are versatile and can be installed in various orientations, allowing flexibility in system design. By directly integrating the fan into the AHU plenum, it contributes to the overall efficiency of the AHU system. They provide a compact and space-saving solution, minimising pressure losses.


Leveraging over 50 years experience in design and supply, we can build control panels tailored to your exact specifications. Whether your project demands precise climate control or intricate ventilation management, our bespoke controls are designed to meet the unique requirements of each application.


With vast experience of hospital projects, we can build our AHUs to HTM specification. Material or paint finishes can be catered with our built-to-order units.

Product Variations

Double Decked + Plate Heat Exchanger + Electric Heater

Double Decked + Plate Heat Exchanger + LPHW Coil

Double Decked + Rotor + Electric Heater

Double Decked + Rotor + LPHW Coil

Side by Side + Plate Heat Exchanger + Electric Heater

Side by Side + Plate Heat Exchanger + LPHW Coil

Side by Side + Rotor + Electric Heater

Side by Side + Rotor + LPHW Coil

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