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In 2024, Elta became the exclusive UK distributor of Euroclima, a fellow family run business creating endless Air Handling Unit solutions from their factories in Austria & Italy. With a purpose of ‘we care for better air’ they are a perfect match for us here in the UK, allowing us to expand our AHU offering even further.

Est. 1963.

Euroclima develop and produce high quality air handling units for all applications, from simple convenient applications to solutions in hygiene and air processing plants. Euroclima is an international industrial business working across 5 production sites in Italy, Austria, India and the United Arab Emirates to create world-class, fully customised, air handling units from quality components.

Customised Units

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The incredible flexibility of the ZHK INOVA range makes it a great choice for industrial and processing technologies, the car industry, aerospace halls, textile factories, power stations, research centres and more. All of these fields have specialist requirements which cannot be serviced by standard commercial air handling units.


With the KonAir Monoblock you can configure your system solution exactly as you need it for your project. Supplied from one source, completely ‘plug and play’ for direct connection to your duct system. Euroclima supply the air handling unit with the configuration and components as required for your project and then combine this customised AHU with a condensate unit.

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Freely configurable AHU with optimised thermal insulation T2 / TB1. The incredible flexibility of the ZHK VISION range makes a great solution for specialist requirements which cannot be serviced by standard commercial air handling units.

Compact Units


The Euroclima ZHK UP units have been developed to bring fresh air into your building in the most economical way possible and simultaneously with minimal space requirements. All components are selected on the basis of an optimal price/performance ratio and the operating parts are adapted to the current safety guidelines. The ZHK UP unit works with energy-efficient high-performance EC fans, glass fibre pocket filters on the fresh air and exhaust air side and heat recovery with a highly efficient countercurrent plate heat exchanger.


Preconfigured units, compact design and short delivery times – The ZHK NANO series has been designed to provide your building with fresh air in the most economical way and with minimum space requirements. All components have been selected on the basis of the best price/performance ratio and operating parts conform to current safety standards.


The ZHK FLAT series is characterised by enormous flexibility and is the optimum design for the smallest space requirements. Euroclima offer ZHK FLAT units with a total height of 405 mm or 557.5 mm. Units are customised and thus flexible in application. With Euroclima ZHK FLAT units you can realise air treatment process which can only normally be achieved with larger Air Handling Units. The frameless construction will be supplied in T2/TB2.


Quality is Euroclima’s absolute priority. Combining a highly qualified and conscientious workforce with the most modern manufacturing technology to offer products, which are produced to the highest standard and reliability.

All Applications

Air Handling Units for every requirement. From cruise ships, to oil rigs, hotels and hospitals, you can see the many prestigious Euroclima projects here.

Second to none selections

When planning the design of an Air Handling Unit, it’s crucial to assess the specific needs of the building, including factors like the size of the space, occupancy levels and desired comfort conditions. This is in addition to any specific considerations such as cleanroom requirements, or industry standards. The Euroclima AHU selection software, coupled with our in-house engineering and design expertise, supported by AHU selection specialists,  we can ensure the delivery of tailored solutions that perfectly align with your requirements.


An air handling unit provides the enhanced air quality and climate control you need in your hospital to maintain patient health and promote recovery. Pathogens are removed from the air before it is passed though the heating or cooling coil and circulated round your hospital.


Due to the high humidity in indoor swimming pools, it is essential that the air is dehumidified to provide comfort to visitors and to protect the furniture and the interior of the building. The ETA POOL series includes packaged units, cutting edge controls and an optional high efficiency dehumidification heat pump system.

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