Fans designed to cope with arduous and corrosive environments

Ventilation in hotels and catering applications must be energy efficient, cover fire and smoke risks and operate at low noise levels whilst providing sufficient air changes to ensure occupant comfort.

Catering Applications

Restaurants and Pubs

Restaurants and pubs have generally high, but variable, occupancy levels and lighting loads. The chosen ventilation system needs to be responsive and capable of delivering high quantities of fresh air when required to do so.

Food Courts

Food courts typically hold a range of different restaurants with a variety of cooking methods that all need to be taken into consideration when choosing a ventilation system.

Commercial Kitchens

Kitchen ventilation is required to create a safe and comfortable working environment. Catering and cooking can produce significant quantities of fumes and vapours as well as large amounts of heat. Ventilation is necessary to remove these and discharge them to a safe external location.

Coffee Shops and Cafés

In coffee shops and cafes, where food and beverages are continuously prepared, served and consumed, the importance of ventilation in providing hygienic as well as comfortable conditions for the occupants is very important.

Fast Food Outlets

When choosing the ventilation for a fast food outlet a number of things need to be considered including the type of equipment being used to cook food, the occupancy levels in the kitchen, access to fresh air, heat control and waste energy recovery amongst others.


Occupancy levels within canteens vary greatly, requiring a system that is not only adaptable but able to cope with extremely high occupancy levels at peak times.

Other Commercial Applications

Hotels, Sports and Leisure

Hotels, Sports and Leisure



Commercial Retail

Commercial Retail

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