Products that effectively improve Indoor Air Quality within an office environment

Whether it is a larger office building, or a smaller office environment, ventilation must provide comfortable surroundings for office staff, so occupants have a tempered, humidity controlled, quiet, as well as draught free office environment.

Offices Applications

Call Centres

The quality of office buildings has a significant impact on businesses, with staff demanding office buildings that deliver ever better economic, social and environmental performance.

TV and Recording Studios

Recording and Broadcasting studios will require minimum noise levels due to the nature of the working environment, with lower speed fans with silencers and acoustic linings more suited for these applications.

Telecoms Buildings

Computers and associated equipment generate a great deal of heat, so the ventilation design must ensure heat is dissipated effectively.

Office Buildings

Modern offices and buildings have a far greater need for fresh air supply, especially where window openings are not permitted, such as high rise office buildings, where the importance of mechanical ventilation becomes more apparent.

Portable and Temporary Offices

Portable buildings not only house offices but can also contain classrooms and shower/changing facilities. A lack of temperature control within these buildings can lead to them being unusable.

Other Commercial Applications

Hotels, Sports and Leisure

Hotels, Sports and Leisure

Commercial Retail

Commercial Retail

Education and Culture

Education and Culture

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