Ventilation for community and public services facilities.

We are able to provide a range of products that cater to the vastly different needs of public services and community buildings.

Community and Amenity Applications

Fire Stations

Fire stations often comprise both offices, canteens, open spaces and garages; all of which need to be considered when choosing a HVAC system.

Police Stations

When deciding on HVAC ventilation for a police station, the variety of areas including offices, reception areas, canteens, communal areas and custody suites, need to be considered.

Law Courts and Government Buildings

Law courts and government buildings need a ventilation system that will supply fresh air to maintain good indoor air quality, provide thermal comfort and reduce noise levels even at times of high occupancy.

Places of Worship

Places of worship provide an environment where large numbers of people are sitting in close proximity to each other generating heat, and it is clearly desirable as far as possible to continuously circulate air to dissipate this heat, along side the heat generated from equipment such as lighting.

Prisons and Detention Centres

Prisons require a number of different products to cater to large open spaces, individual cells, canteens with commercial sized kitchens, office spaces and more.

Town Halls and Community Centres

The ventilation systems within town halls need to constantly supply fresh air to create a healthy indoor environment for occupants. Units and systems used for this application also need to be able to cope with the varying occupancy levels within these buildings.

Ambulance Stations

In view of the dangerous nature of the accessories to the repair and storage of ambulances and the risk of pollution from waste gases and products, the priority should be to remove exhaust fumes from ambulance stations and their workshop areas.

Airport Terminals

Airports generally consist of one or more terminal buildings, connected by passageways to departure gates. The aim of any ventilation system should be to create a positive internal pressure that will prevent the odour and pollutants from entering the terminal buildings.

Train and Bus Stations

Train and bus stations are often open spaces with high levels of occupancy at peak times. In order to remove dangerous fumes that are emitted from vehicles and trains, a powerful extract system is required.

Underground Stations

Ventilation systems for underground stations should provide continual air exchanges to remove the build-up of excess heat and contaminants within occupied spaces. Under emergency conditions they serve to remove smoke and maintain the safety of escape routes.

Other Commercial Applications

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